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Gefunden: Støgonøse 1435 moh

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Our first day in Norway and we decided to do this 'little' hike, since it started directly from our appartement.
First of all, it is a great trip and we enjoyed it very much. It is not just a walk, at least for us coming from nothern germany, where we do not have any mountains.
But we managed to get to the top and found the cache.
We would never had the idea to walk up here without the cache.
Thank you very much for showing us this place.

Owner: jorunnh
Typ: traditional
D/T: 1.5/4
Land: Norwegen
Region: Oppland
Koordinaten : N 61� 11.190 E 008� 10.266
Gelegt: 20.09.2014
Status: ok
Gefunden: 14.08.2016
Eigene Wertung: 4.5
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 1
Durchschnitt: 4.5
Median: 4.5
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